Join Men of the Stones

Men of the Stones has some 400 members including:

Business members – architects, chartered engineers, surveyors and technicians, sculptors and carvers, stone masons and builders, quarry owners and other specialists.

Individual members - members of the public with an interest in building conservation, stone craftsmanship and built heritage.


Membership of the Men of Stones offers a wide variety of benefits including:

  • Tours and visits to places of general and technical interest
  • Lectures on various subjects of interest to both professionals and the general public
  • Annual award (the Ireson Award) to encourage promising young craftsmen and women
  • Support and (if appropriate) campaign for the highest standards, be it for old or new buildings
  • The Yearbook and Directory which gives details of all members (with a complete list of corporate members and their websites) and provides members’ news, highlighting their projects and publications, as well as providing information on courses, exhibitions and conferences, reports on the tours, visits and lectures of the past year, and the Society’s report and accounts

Individual Membership subscription rates: Annual Single - £10.00 Annual Double - £18.00

Corporate Membership annual subscription: £50.00

How to join

To join Men of the Stones please use the form below to send us your details and we will send an invoice for payment. Please note that data sent by email is not considered to be secure. If you prefer, you can download the relevant membership form to send by post:

Individual membership renewal form

Business membership renewal form